PC Release: Second Missing Community Centre with Audio


September 3, 2013

For Immediate Release


Second Missing Community Centre

Promises of a community centre on Fox Lake First Nation go unfulfilled: Schuler

 A second community centre on a northern first nation has received funding, but has never been built.  Just like at TCN, Fox Lake was promised a community centre by Manitoba Hydro.  Through the May 28th, 2009 Keeyask Adverse Effects Agreement, $3 million dollars was set aside for a community centre.  On top of this Hydro was to pay for programming and maintenance costs into the future).

“The people of Fox Lake have a right to know where their community centre is and why the minister responsible for Hydro has no interest in why it was never built.  Just like the Keeyask Centre on TCN this has been paid for but never built.  They weren’t promised a lump sum, they were promised community centres,“ said Hydro Critic Ron Schuler.

A $3 million payment from Hydro to Fox Lake was sent (according to the agreement) March 31st, 2010 to start construction on the Fox Lake Community Gathering Place.

As of August 26th, 2013 – Architect Jerald Peters of ft3 Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design, responsible for the upcoming Fox Lake Gathering Place stated: “We are nearly completed working drawings for the project, however, the project was cancelled over a year ago… and we have not worked on it since.”

In an August 23rd, 2013 phone conversation with the Fox Lake Negotiation Office in Gillam, they stated of the gathering place: “No, it hasn’t started yet.”

We ask the NDP, how many other things has it promised to build and failed to deliver?




Following the Money:

·         Fox Lake Gathering Place – $3 million

·         One-time programming payments – $855,000

·         Long-term programming – $6.3 million

·         Total programming – $7,155,000

·         Total Monies – $10,155,000


One-time payment of $3 million – March 31st, 2010

Fox Lake Community Gathering Place – land, construction, servicing, finishing, fixtures & furnishings.


One-time payment of $240,000 – March 31st, 2010

$1.5 million over 15 years starting March 31st, 2011

Youth Wilderness Traditions Program – for youth to experience a traditional lifestyle with seasonal activities


$200,000 over 10 years starting March 31st, 2011

Cree Language Program – Creates opportunities for adults to learn how to speak Cree and improve their language skills.


One-time payment of $315,000 – March 31st, 2009

$900,000 over 10 years starting March 31st 2010

Gravesite Restoration Program – to restore community grave sites.


One-time payment of $100,000 – March 31st, 2010

Alternative Justice Program – an alternative method of resolving situations involving the justice system and band residents.


One-time payment of $200,000 – March 31st, 2012

$1 million over 10 years, starting March 31, 2012

Crisis Centre & Wellness Counseling Program- Wellness counseling program and the establishment of a crisis shelter.


$2.7 million over 9 years, starting on March 31st, 2009

Lateral Violence & Where Do We Go From Here Program – Workshops to address behaviors and allow them to participate in the Keeyask Project. Ensuring maximum participation and opportunities associated with the Keeyask Project.