Neepawa By-Election 2013

In late August 2013, Councilor Monty Simon resigned his position from the Town of Neepawa.  This has triggered the need for a by-election.  At the September council meeting, it was suggested that the most likely date for the by-election will be in mid to late November 2013.

Council will review the dates and pass resolutions at the next council meeting.  Meanwhile, Sheri Grant has indicated she is considering a run in the by-election.  Grant lost to Alan Drysdale in the last by-election.  Since the last general election, Neepawa has had to elect a new mayor and a new councilor.  This by-election will be the second councilor that has needed to be replaced since the general election.

Previously, Mayor Ron Forsman quit just months into his first term as Mayor.  He had been a councilor for many years before moving to the mayors chair.  Former Mayors Waddell and Durston both ran in the by-election.  As well, councilor Murray Parrot resigned his seat on council to run for Mayor.  Waddell won, and Parrot ended up losing his seat on council.

In the Manitoba system, a councilor has the same vote as a Mayor.  When Parrot gave up his seat on council, he stood only a one in three chance of regaining a vote that under Manitoba rules had the same importance as he already held.