PC Release: All Talk No Action


September 5, 2013

For Immediate Release


All Talk No Action

Recommendations in 2004 explained what needed to be done to improve ERs, but the NDP hasn’t done it: Friesen


In 2004, the Emergency Care Task Force was created to correct emergency department problems in Winnipeg ERs following a number of long ER waits that in some cases resulted in death.  The Emergency Care Task Force recommended adding a nurse reassessment role in each emergency department.  That nurse would act as an advocate to ensure patients waiting to be seen were waiting safely and reassessed regularly.

“The NDP claims changes were made, but had those changes been in place when Brian Sinclair sought help they likely would have saved his life.  This is a government that talks a good game, but isn’t delivering on its promises to Manitobans,” said Health Critic Cameron Friesen.

What is even more disturbing is that, five years after Brian Sinclair’s death and almost a decade after the Emergency Care Task Force recommendations were released too many promises of ER improvement remain unfulfilled.

Earlier this year, Bonnie Guagliardo died because no one checked on her during six hours while she waited with a visible head injury.  Where was her reassessment nurse?  She was convinced medical experts would have seen her after all that time if they thought it was serious, so she left the ER and subsequently died.

If the NDP had lived up to its commitments we would have reassessment nurses in all ERs all the time, but clearly a decade later that is not the case.  This government is all talk and no action, and this inconsistent approach puts lives at risk. Manitobans deserve better.