PC Release: PCs Listening on Amalgamation


September 5, 2013

For Immediate Release


PCs Listening on Amalgamation

Bill 33 is a mess cannot succeed because the NDP doesn’t listen: Pedersen


The Progressive Conservative Party has been listening to the concerns of municipal leaders.  The NDP has never lent them an ear and now they have decided to force some municipalities to amalgamate.  They did this after failing to consult and dropping legislation on municipal leaders on the eve of their annual meeting.

“If the NDP had spent any time at all listening to municipal leaders just one of the many concerns for them revolves around seasonal residents.  These are Manitobans that don’t live in a municipality full-time, but have a vested interest in that municipality,” said Local Government Critic Blaine Pedersen. “These seasonal residents should be counted the same as all other residents,” added Pedersen.

Further to that, municipalities should be judged on their vibrancy.  Municipalities should be treated with respect as they continue to balance their budgets each and every year, and should be allowed to determine their own future.

The NDP needs to pull this bill, stop the bullying, and start again.  This time the minister should start the process by consulting with municipalities.

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